ROAM is a small company dedicated to making quality clothing for people who dig adventure, travel and good times.



Who is behind ROAM Apparel?

Hi My name is JP Burdett.  I am the principal owner at ROAM and chief  T-shirt designer, wearer and weekend adventurer.  ROAM Apparel is located up in  Canada.  If you need to get a hold of me feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.



About ROAM Designs

ROAM Designs are vector based and have a clean technical feel to them.  I always liked the engineering look of fiche diagrams and user manual renderings so that come through in my designs. All the designs are drafted by myself in Adobe Illustrator. you see are original and we add news ones as much as possible.  Most shirts you will see a Canoe, Surfboard or Mountain bike affixed to a iconic cars like VW Buses, Volvos or old Bugs. And we threw in an ol’ beater Caddy in for good measure.



Why ROAM? A Bit of History

I was born in the UK and grew up travelling.  The inside joke for our family is that we are the relatives of gypsies from Romania. Whether that is true or not I will never know but some times it feels like it. When I was a child in the early 70’s my parents bought a VW Campervan and would  pack it up to the hilt and travel across Europe or Canada for the entire summer.

 As a teen I would find myself cycling across Britain and France for weeks at a time with nothing but some panniers and a destination in mind.  As I got older I got into travelling on motorcycles and now with kids I am touring around in an old 1982′ VW Vanagon (T3) Westfalia with my own family.  It is a perfect workhorse for transporting gear a and perfect basecamp for adventure.



ROAM Apparel is Customizable

All ROAM Apparel products are customizable. Don’t like the color or shirt style?  No biggie, simply pick another style and you are good to go.  For best results pick a bold shirt colors to make the printing stand out.



Printing Options – Zazzle or RedBubble

We give our customers the option to choose between printers that have different options for pricing and where the products are made.  Due to the unique differences in printers catalog of products available from each is slightly different.  

Firstly we offer Zazzle.com on printed American Apparel, both of which are made in USA, with fair labour practices.   You will also notice the higher prices this comes hand in hand with a 100% American made product.  For quality I would have to give the edge to Zazzle. They are the best in terms of print quality, clarity and durability.  The result is a truly quality product you can enjoy.

See more ROAM Apparel at Zazzle

We also offer printing via RedBubble.com which offers more budget options and is very popular with our UK and Australian customers.  Redbubble also has fair labour practices but the shirts are sourced internationally. Overall RedBubble is an excellent value for the price.




Have an Adventure or Epic Photos you would like to Share?

We are interested in sharing interesting places, stories and photos of camping, overland trips, climbing, kayaking, cycling, or surfing.  Share your story if we use it on the site we will give you a free ROAM Apparel  T-shirt. Please to contact me. I’d love to hear about it!



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